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Raising Cane’s River Center

Recently known as the Baton Rouge River Center, Raising Cane’s River Center is a proud 200,000 square-meter center for entertainment in Louisiana’s capital and second largest city, Baton Rouge. Initially called the Riverside Centroplex at the time it was constructed in 1977, the place takes pride in being the state’s hub for cultural immersion showcasing over five hundred productions, concerts and events a year.

Raising Cane’s River Center Facilities

The entertainment facility’s arena houses a 12,000-seat venue where historical concerts, sporting events and other theater events take place. It has witnessed a great deal of much talked-about wrestling matches where famous wrestling champions battled hard for coveted titles. The multi-purpose amusement and games complex also boasts of up to 10,000 square meters of space for exhibits and trade shows, plus a great grand ballroom. People will enjoy nights of fun and entertaining musical performances and symphony orchestras in its 1900-seating capacity Performing Arts Theater.

Regally situated along the southeastern part of the grand Mississippi River, the upkeep and maintenance of the entertainment center is under SMG, a private management company. The “Capital Area” city, kept safe from natural calamities by the natural barrier provided by Istrouma Bluff, has provided a haven for people who love to immerse deeper into their culture and tradition by providing a great place, the Raising Cane’s River Center.

Cane’s River

Also known as Cane’s River, their mission since 1977 has been to promote an inspiring environment where performing arts will flourish and strengthen Baton Rouge’s cultural, social and economic vitality. Cane’s River has clearly become the crown of Baton Rouge!

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