Elvis Lives

    Sunday 14 April 2013
    Baton Rouge River Center
    Baton Rouge
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    Elvis Lives

    Elvis Lives Baton Rouge River Center










    It sure is one for the money and two for the show and it is nothing but Elvis Lives at the Baton Rouge River Center. This is a great tribute to the King of Rock & Roll showcasing his whole career spanning from the 1950s to the 1970s, the great, great Elvis Presley years. It is the kind of show that you would wish stays for a long, long time and this is your chance to see it right in Louisiana featuring his many hit songs that made many fans fall in love with him many, many times over.

    Watch the great Elvis Presley’s iconic style of music and dancing that have influenced many of today’s artists yet there will always be only one Elvis Presley. This is your chance to see why so don’t you dare miss it.

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