Thursday 28 February 2013 Buy Tickets for Sesame Street Live: Can’t Stop Singing at the Raising Canes River Center

Sesame Street Live: Can’t Stop Singing

Sesame Street Live:Can't Stop Singing Baton Rouge River Center











Watch and experience how it is to be a child once again when you see the whole Sesame Street gang come and play and sweep the clouds away on a sunny day at the Baton Rouge River Center. Experience the fun and adventure with the whole family and let the children of today see everybody’s childhood favorite characters on the street. Befriend Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar or Elmo and tot up 1-2-3 with “Count” Dracula.

It is a magic carpet ride whenever it is a Sesame Street live show so squeal with delight whether you are aged 5 or 55, it does not matter! The fun is going to be contagious and the show is yours to enjoy. It is what happy people do!